2018 Year End Giving Letter

Dear Church Family,

As we prepare for Christmas and wrap up another incredible year here at Woodinville Alliance Church, I want to take a moment to say thank you for the beautiful generosity that you have shown this year.

“I want you to know, dear brothers and sisters, what God has done through the churches in Macedonia” (2 Corinthians 8). Paul’s exuberance is prompted by how the people’s generosity is inextricably linked to their sense of mission. The people are compelled to give, not simply in response to a broad appeal, but in keeping with the ways that they feel that their contributions are promoting and supporting the lovingly-restorative mission of Jesus in a particular community. I say all of that to assert that your giving is not just helping to cover salaries and utilities. Your giving is restorative. It is changed into a relational ‘currency’ which is transforming lives.

Becoming “Impossibly Good” for others, starts in us.

I also want to share my excitement for the visible transformation and ministry taking place as you have each decided to live into the Belong, Believe, and Bless inspiration for our church community. This is more than our motto, it is the biblical process for transformation and maturity as we become “impossibly good”, in the likeness of Jesus.

The last 3 years have been significant towards discerning the vision God has for this Church, our city and the world. It is our confident belief that we are at the very beginning of a profound transformation and healing movement of God.  We believe that this movement is bringing about a personal responsiveness to God that is positioning us each to “freely share,” to testify to the new life that “we have been freely given”. It makes us genuine, grace-filled and patient; it puts the focus on the goodness of God and not ourselves. It invites us to trust, jumping deeper into His call and purposes for the “messy lives” all around us.  Jesus’ teachings always assumed that your personal rescue and wholeness could not happen apart from your own entry into and participation with the “ministry of reconciliation” for others.

As our church leaders and I look towards a future in which we are all “in ministry” to those around us, we have been intentional as an organization to emphasize ministry over programs, people’s names over numbers, personal encounter and testimony with Jesus over volumes of activities.  And amazingly, your partnership and passion with us in these biblical priorities is already bringing about healthy stories and signs, including numeric growth. A few highlights of these Kingdom stories include:

  1. Meeting Jesus – Watch the inspiring story captured by the Reveal ministry of howLuis met Jesus through you!

  1. Healing Marriages – the Spirit has been awakening our people to the possibility of hope and healing in marriage. More than 20 couples within our congregation have spontaneously come forward in the last 3 months as they seek to journey into restoration together with others that will stand in support of them in prayer and confession. What amazing courage and trust in God.

  1. Benevolence Ministry – 5 families (men, women, and children) in financial hardship and transition have benefited from the generous contributions of talent and money through the guidance and stewardship of our Benevolence ministry team.

  1. Renew and Freedom Ministries – More than 50 men and women, have committed to discovering their identity in Jesus and are becoming equipped to live into a lifestyle of ministry and listening to God through our Renew and Freedom ministries. Discover more about the next  Renew opportunity or contact us at info@wachurch for more on Freedom equipping ministries.

  1. The Genesis Process – our Genesis men’s and women’s small groups - aimed at helping others through biblical transformation and recovery - have seen a tripling in the leaders and participants over the last few months. Hear one man’s story here!

Finally, would you also consider making a special year-end contribution above and beyond your regular giving between now and the end of 2018? 

December always proves to be a significant month in resourcing ministries at Woodinville Alliance Church. I invite you to pray about a year-end gift so that we might be empowered to move forward with a generosity of spirt, as we prepare to take steps of faith in 2019.
Here are 5 simple ways you can give:

Don’t forget, all contributions received or postmarked before midnight on December 31st, 2018 will be credited towards your 2018 giving record for tax purposes.

  • If would like to know how much have contributed to-date or  you have questions or concerns, contact dianeb@wachurch.us.

  • You can expect your 2018 giving statement via email by the end of January.

Thank you for your faithfulness in building God’s Kingdom at Woodinville Alliance Church and beyond through your continued generosity! I am thankful and feel so blessed to be a part of a community full of people deeply committed to bringing God’s beauty to this world around us.
Phil Strong
Lead Pastor

Belong | Believe | Bless

13940 166th St
Woodinville, WA 98072