At Woodinville Alliance Church, we desire freedom in Christ for all people in all aspects of their lives.  We know that in the area of finances this freedom is found in deep and faithful stewardship of all the resources the Lord has entrusted to us.

Financial Stewardship Faith Statement
We trust God to be our Creator - and Source – and Owner of all that we possess and gain by our labor.  As Creator, God has a perfect design for our financial lives that grants us the privilege of honoring Him as our Lord, fulfilling the Great commission, caring for His people, and the under privileged.   His perfect design promises contentment, enjoyment and joy n the arena of our lives.  His perfect design, gloriously, is contrary to the way of the world.
We must fully trust God to provide for us and fully embrace His design in our financial lifestyle, which calls us to stewardship, not ownership.  By the whole counsel of Scripture, we are to honor God with our firstfruits.  By His Scripture, god calls us to the first-hand knowledge of the grace of giving.  By the whole counsel of Scripture, God foretells that we may measure our faith in the stewardship of our wealth.  By His Scripture, we may believe upon His promises to provide for us – to bless us – according to His Will.

Our Ministry
Our desire is to encourage and equip believers with the knowledge and tools they need to walk in faithful stewardship through the power of the Holy Spirit.  We endeavor to provide resources including Scripture, books, videos, websites and counseling to help people along the journey to freedom in their financial lives.