The Collective

The [  ] Collective is
… For women, both churched and unchurched, with a curiosity and desire to be seen and known in deep, authentic relationship. 
The [  ] Collective Exists to
… To provide an invitational “front porch” style space for women who are hungry for more out of life and desire a place where they feel they can belong. As Woodinville Alliance’s size and culture continue to grow and change, the burden of meeting expanding needs grows, as well. We want to be a part of helping shoulder the load, and our unique plan is to meet women on the threshold of the church, reaching both outward and in.   
The [  ] Collective goals are...
 • To invite women into meaningful relationship where they can be seen, known, and transformed in gracious community.
 • To engage story with one another in such a way that bravely speaks to both the brokenness and beauty of this life and also God’s goodness in the Story as we walk together.  
• To be a front-porch-style welcome for women just entering the church.
• To provide gatherings and opportunities by better understanding hobbies, seasons in life, vocations, etc.
• To provide a stepping stone into other ministries in the church – like Bible studies, The Genesis Process, Welcome Team, Creative Arts teams, etc.

The [  ] Collective meets... The first Wednesday of each month, in the Imagine Cafe from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. 

Contact Jane Kelly with any questions you may have at