Where do my children go?

Elementary (1st-5th grade):

Your kiddos will start out with you for the music worship, in the Worship Center.

· If you would like to meet the teachers and check out the classroom, before service, they will be in the upstairs classrooms until 10 AM.

· After a few songs the kids will be dismissed to their classes.

· Their teacher (1st/2nd; 3rd/4th or 5th) will be waiting for them in the north lobby with a sign.

· You are welcome to go with them upstairs and meet the teacher and see the room if you did not have a chance before service.

Nursery thru Kindergarten:

Nursery– 2’s: main west hallway

3’s, 4’s and Carpenter’s Kids: southwest            preschool wing

Kindergarten: upstairs

Please bring your child to the appropriate      classroom prior to the start of service.

· Please fill out a visitor information sheet and name tag for your child. 

· You will need to keep a portion of the name tag to show the teacher to pick up your child after service ends.