Treehouse (Nursery-Kindergarten)

Nursery & Walkers


Preschool (2's/3's & 4's)

  •   In our nursery and walkers rooms the sweet people hold, pray for and play with your sweet joys and they are the first display within the church of the hands and feet of Christ that your child gets to experience. 
  • You will notice a sticker on them each week with a prayer.  I encourage you to pray this over your child during the week.  It is taken from scripture and I can’t think of a better thing to be praying over and blessing our children with than God’s word.

  Our teachers love our Lord and adore all the kids.
In our Children's Ministry we desire to:

1.   Have children open their hearts to God
2.   Learn to discern His voice, have a desire to obey Him,
3.  Do so in the power of the Holy Spirit (Phil. 2:13).

We believe that God’s Design for faith replication is through the context of the family (Deut. 6; Ps. 78) while the church plays a supportive/equipping role to this endeavor (Eph. 4:12).  Each week our parents read the section in the Bible that their kids will be learning about in Sunday school the following week.  We provide the resources that will help you to lead your children as we laugh, enjoy and learn with each other!