Inspiring young hearts...

We at Woodinville Alliance believe that children are a precious gift from God. Our environment and atmosphere surrounding the children is one of love, acceptance, and fun as they learn biblical truths about Jesus Christ. The Bible is taught in creative and fun ways that they can grasp. Children are enthusiastic learners and love to add to their ever expanding knowledge. This is why we want to expose them to biblical truth now while they are eager to learn, tenderhearted, and open to follow Christ.

We strive to create a high quality program that is filled with crazy joy, laughter, and learning! We want every child to go away wanting to come back knowing that following Christ is rewarding, exciting, and challenging.

Our goal is to lay the foundations for our kids to go into the world sharing Christ and being champions.

No matter which program they are in, we want our kids to be out in the world, voices raised so no life is left untouched. We need to gather as parents, teachers, and those who love our kids to fan a spark that will grow like a fireball with hearts abandoned to God.

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Laura Donelson, Community Groups Director