Caring Ministries

We believe it is important to care for the needs of the members of our church so that they are ready, willing and able to reach out to others. A healthy church body enables members to reach out to others beyond themselves. Our community groups program is strong and provides a foundation from which members of our congregation feel a sense of family, a sense of belonging. This makes caring for one another natural and sweet.
Some of the ways we exhibit our care for one another is through hospital visits, meal coordination for those who have experienced some kind of crisis or loss, cards of encouragement, help with other physical needs for members of the congregation (for example yard work or moving) and life celebrations (bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, baptisms, memorial services).
We are a remarkably caring congregation who responds to people in need. Caring for each other has always been an important part of the ministry of our church. It is evident in our history and legacy to our community. By taking good care of our family, we are able to reach out to others and serve.

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