Wondering About God?

“In the beginning, God…” (Genesis 1). Sounds like a great way to begin a story, doesn’t it? The story, as we will discover, suggests that what you are about to read is the story of God--- God acting, God inter-acting, God speaking, God letting us in on what was previously unavailable to us.
It seems that our best chance at experiencing bona-fide faith is admitting that as accurate as we assume our conclusions to be, they will always be incomplete. God will always be bigger than our knowledge of him, which is sure to raise a significant amount of questions: “Who is God? Who am I? Why am I here?”We think these questions are valid and worth pursuing in the context of a community of people who are finding life in Jesus and learning life from Jesus.
If I can be of help in your own pursuit of discovery, I would be pleased to dialogue with you further and possibly share my some of my own journey with God.
Phil Strong, Lead Pastor     phils@wachurch.us