Woodinville Alliance Culture

Where we are heading (Mission) – As a response to the love and transforming presence of Jesus Christ in us, we are passionate about being followers and risk takers that live from faith. We are people that reach out, connect with and grow deeply with one another, working to be restorative and renewing in Woodinville and the surrounding community as we embrace God’s Word, worshipping Him into fullness of life.
Who we are – Like Woodinville itself, Woodinville Alliance is a great mix of children, youth, men, and women that are intentional about learning together and leaning into life. Collectively, we are made up of artists and musicians, engineers and teachers, business leaders and learners, gardeners and entrepreneurs, blue collar and white collar, designers and counselors, prayer warriors, skydivers and praisers. Out of this, we are together expressing  joy and hope from our encounters with Jesus. We encourage authenticity, often hearing from those outside our community that we are welcoming and uniquely committed to growth through relationship!
As a church of grace, we affirm that we won't give up on the lost to hold onto the found, knowing that found people, find people. And while we don’t have any agenda, we do know that navigating life requires friends to walk through the hard parts that come to all of us. So… our enthusiasm is for people to live fully, thriving alongside others wherever you may be with God.
With us, it’s okay to not be okay. But our hope is that everyone would experience increasing transformation and freedom in response to hearing the unique call that God has for each of us to be caregivers and influencers “on earth as it is in heaven”.
Below you will find opportunities to join our team at Woodinville Alliance. We are thankful for your interest. Please see each Ministry Posting for greater detail. We look forward to hearing from you!